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Yellow, Devil's Food, Marble(only in round sizes)


Carrot, Red Velvet, Sacher, Cheesecake

Standard fillings:

Vanilla or chocolate custard, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, vanilla or chocolate buttercream.

Speciality Fillings (extra charge):

Chocolate mousse, fresh fruit, cannoli, fudge, ganache or cream cheese.

Standard Icings:

Buttercream or whipped cream

Speciality Icings (extra charge):

Ganache, fondant, fudge or cream cheese.


Our delightful creations are a memorable addition to any event!

We always have a variety of 7" cakes on hand for your last minute needs. Larger sizes or custom made cakes typically require 24-48 hour advance ordering. Fondant, photo and tiered cakes are available for an additinal charge.



2 Tier Chocolate
Basket Weave Wedding cake
Chocolate Mousse
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